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Researchgroup Applied Molecular Genetics
Function Former member
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Njira is a sandwich PhD student from Kenya whose research focuses on four main objectives:
  • To isolate and characterise predominant plant-parasitic nematodes and endophytes of rice and maize in Kenya
  • To study the capacities of selected Kenyan endophytes in inducing local and systemic resistance in rice and maize against predominant nematode species
  • To analyse the transcriptomic profiles of an endophyte induced resistance
  • To evaluate the roles of individual hormone signalling pathways in an endophyte induced resistance
Available mutants, transgenics and/or inhibitors will be used to study the hormone pathways while plant transcriptomes will be analysed by Q-PCR. A comparison of the combined data with other related information in our lab will make general conclusions on the importance and interplay of hormone pathways during compatible plant-endophyte-nematode interactions.