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Researchgroup Biochemistry and Glycobiology
Function PhD student
Phone +32-9-2645970
Office Block B, room 100.005
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Rice is the most important crop in Asia (100 kg/capita/year), Caribbean(70 kg/capita/year), Latin America (45 kg/capita/year) and Africa (27 kg/capita/year), which makes it a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. From a scientific point of view sequenced rice genome and numerous existing rice databases make rice a perfect model plant for monocots. The comprehensive resources which are available for Arabidopsis, such as the entire genome sequence, a large collection of natural variants and an ever increasing number of molecular tools, made it the first established model plant worldwide.

In 2009 Fouquaert et al. reported on the molecular cloning and characterization of the Euonymus europeaus (spindle tree) lectin. This discovery led to the identification of a new family of proteins with an Euonymus lectin (EUL) domain. Interestingly this novel class of putative carbohydrate binding proteins is ubiquitous in all terrestrial plants. Based on the number and orientation of this specific domain, proteins belonging to this family were classified in different subtypes.

The major goal of this PhD project is to unravel more fundamental knowledge of Arabidopsis and rice EULs to better understand their role in stress response. Subsequently, the data can be exploited to obtain a better plant growth/performance and protection against rice diseases.