Details for Godelieve Gheysen

Researchgroup Applied Molecular Genetics
Function Professor
Phone +32-9-2645888
Office Block B, room 120.020
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The focus of the laboratory Applied Molecular Genetics is on the analysis of the interactions between rice and parasitic nematodes. A molecular and cytological characterisation is being performed of the plant response to nematode infection, including the signals for development of nematode feeding sites and the hormonal interplay of defense and development. On the nematode side the proteins (effectors) that are secreted by the nematode to establish a succesfull infection are being studied. Some of these effectors have been shown to suppress the plant defense repsonse. Prof. Gheysen is currently director of IPBO (Institute Plant Biotechnology for developing countries) and is therefore also responsible for projects concerning genetic improvement of crops for developing countries (protection against pests and pathogens in banana, potato and sweet potato) and projects concerning the societal issues and public attitude towards plant biotechnology.